The creation of 1861 Clauss Wine Club

Dear Friends,

It is a great honor for us to announce the establishment of “1861 Clauss Wine Club”. Achaia Clauss is preparing to celebrate in 2021, its 160 years of wine heritage and is planning actions for the next 100 years.

Achaia Clauss in situated in Patras, Greece and is a historical winemaking company, founded in 1861 by the Bavarian Gustav Clauss who came to Patras in 1854, with many wine awards, selling well known varieties of white, red and rose wines,

The establishment of “1861 Clauss Wine Club” is meeting many requests of friends all over the world, who are interested to come closer, join and enjoy our family and wine wealth (rare wines of 1940 or 1873, museum, new varieties of wine etc.), with unique life experiences.

The “1861 Clauss Wine Club” offers many benefits to members, not only money benefits but more important privileged experiences such as exclusive invitation to member-only events, wine tasting of rare old and new wines, special food pairing, wine education, organization of personal and corporate events.

Our experienced staff is available to help you and we invite you to join “1861 Clauss Wine Club” and share, exclusively, our world of wine.


Nicholaos Karapanos


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